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Insurance helps protect the university from financial loss due to unexpected injury or damage . One of the goals of insurance is to make the university whole, to the extent possible, in the event of a loss. The Office of Enterprise Risk and Insurance is responsible for implementing and administering a balanced risk and insurance strategy.

The Office of Enterprise Risk and Insurance does not procure or manage personal insurance or claims for employees or students, nor does it procure or manage insurance for 3rd party organizations.

Questions regarding insurance can be directed to the Office of Enterprise Risk and Insurance.

Types of Insurance

Property Insurance

Coverage for damage or loss to UCF property / assets

Liability Insurance

Coverage for omissions or acts of negligence for which UCF or its employees or agents may be legally liable to pay

International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance

Coverage for UCF employees or students who suffer injury or illness while traveling internationally

Worker’s Compensation

Coverage for UCF employees injured on the job