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The university recognizes the vital role volunteers play in supporting the university’s mission. Anyone, including current or retired employees, students, alumni, or others, may provide volunteer services to the university with some restrictions.

A volunteer is defined as:

An unpaid individual who freely offers their services to the University of Central Florida without any expectation of receiving pay, compensation, or other benefits, (including future employment with the university), to support the activities and mission of the university and/or gain experience in specific endeavors.

Before an individual can start their volunteer assignment, a volunteer service agreement must be completed. Please use the below button to access and complete the agreement.

Friendly Reminder:

  • To be considered a registered volunteer; the Volunteer Services Agreement must be completed online and fully executed by all applicable parties before beginning the volunteer assignment.
  • Backdated forms will not be accepted.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents must submit their resume with their Volunteer Services Agreement via the provided attachment page. Prior to volunteering in a lab setting, volunteers must complete lab safety training. Please contact Environmental, Health, and Safety for more information on lab safety training requirements. · UCF Policy 3-128 University Volunteers

For questions or concerns, please contact Office of Enterprise Risk & Insurance.